I'm an aunt!!

Yeah I know I should probably do a Merry Christmas post or something like that,but in this house,Jesus' birthday is secondary to my little nephew's:Sander!My sister finally gave birth on the 22nd of December to a healthy,huge (54cm and 4100gr) baby boy!I wish I could share a picture,cause he's really adorable,but I don't think my sister and brother in law would be very happy about that(they're kind of private) so you're just gonna have to take my word for it when I say:he's gorgeous!

As you all know I have been away for a few days to go to Thessaloniki for exams.So in case she gave birth while I was away I had to be prepared,so I made two cards before I went.Problem was,we had no idea what it was(I mean we knew it was a baby,but not if it was a boy or a girl).My sis thought it would be funny if they knew but none of the others did,so even though they knew pretty early on,they left us guessing till the very last day!So my cards had to be gender neutral!It was really tough to do that,so I came up with something "funny" to punish them both!

This is the card I made for my sis:

And this is the card I made for my brother in law.I have to say that he hates Winnie the Pooh,he told us he thinks he's gay because he constantly hugs Piglet and says "Oh bother"(of course he said that right after I had just bought a Winnie the Pooh paper pack to make their present baby mini album with).

In the comments I tell him how he should get used to it,since my sis will probably say that a lot with two men in the house(I had a baby girl version too,lol).

And this is the card I made today for my parents to send.As you can see,knowing the gender makes colour selection a lot easier!Also my sis loves giraffes,the whole room is decorated in them so it was easy to choose a theme.The little giraffe is a printable stamp I found online(sorry don't remember where) and the giraffe print cardstock I printed myself.The Welcome baby sentiment I bought a while back(as part of the mini album kit I still have to make) from Sfragidomania,I have to thank them once again,they did an excellent job!The ribbon I bought from a local craft store.

I hope you like them!!


"I feel it in my fingers...

...I feel it in my toes.Christmas is all around us,and so the feeling grows.".Have you seen this movie??I love it,it's probably one of my favorite Christmas movies(probably because even though it's a chick flick it's got some pretty funny scenes as well,I mean who didn't laugh when Hugh Grant busted a move as England's new Prime Minister?).And for those who have no idea what the hell I'm talking about,I'm reffering to the movie "Love Actually"...now go rent it and watch!

Okay with Christmas just around the corner and with me leaving in a couple of days for a week(yeah going to Thessaloniki,exams,yada,yada,yada,you know the drill) it was about time I started making my christmas cards.As most of you probably know I usually end up doing the same card over and over as many times I need it,just using different colours.But I loved all the different kinds of christmas cards some of my scrappers friends make every year so I decided to try it.Of course you can't change your whole personality by pushing a button so even though I tried different things,colours and themes for my cards the basic shape is the same.I decided I wanted to make triangular Christmas cards.We had gotten one a few years back and I loved how special it was,so I immediatelly then and there decided I'll make triangular cards as well some day,and the day has come!

Trying to make a triangle card isn't as easy as it sounds.Lucky for me I was able to find a template here (btw I loved the shaker card thingy,too bad I didn't have the supplies to make one,but some day ;)).As you see it has both the patterns for the base card and the shaker part of the card which is very usefull.It also has templates for triangle envelopes which I still have to make(but if it's a pain I might go for square ones ;)).So after having made a template out of cardstock it was easy to just trace around that one for all the other cards I made!And after that it was card making time!

I won't bore you with all the details on how I decided to make each card(and how many other ideas I had and tried that failed misserably,seriously,with all the paper I threw away I must have destroyed at least half a forest!) and I'm just gonna show you what I came up with.I'm not as happy with all of them(some I love,some I don't) but all in all it was fun making them!

I hope you like them!

P.S I have to thank my friends Eudokia and Lena.The first for giving me some of the patterned papers you see on some of the cards and the "Just for you" christmas ball cutout and the second for the two little sentiments on two of the cards.


It's not bragging if u can do it!

For this layout I used a sketch from scrapbooksetc.com (I used sketch # 36).In the back of my mind I had Irini's challenge(for her get creative blog) and I liked how the sketch in this layout somewhat had a cross like pattern(like our flag).The challenge was also to use the colours of our national flag(blue and white) and to use the word no,either in the title or the journaling.I did cheat a little(I don't know if it counts as cheating since,the challenge doesn't specifically express we have to use ONLY blue and white but that's how I understood it) but it was turning very very one note with only blue so I used the same shade of red as in the picture(at the end of the day,I love a good challenge but I have to make a good layout and showcase the photo as best possible,that's what's my first concern).

So the journaling might leave some of you confused,since it's somewhat of an inside joke.We've been calling our brother Popeye for years,because one day when we were watching it(when he was little) he pronounced it really weird(very literally) and wondered why they called him Popeye(as it's actually pronounced) in Greek!It was so cute and it stuck with him,and both me and my sister have been calling him like that since then!He's even listed that way in my cell phone,lol!So I liked the whole nautical theme and it was working great both with the colours and the picture so I went with it!

I am terrible at remembering the names and brands of the products I've used,but if any of you really wants to know I'll make an effort to list them (I know I should anyway,but meh!)

I hope you like it!


When you be-leave!

Here comes the second post for today!I've made this layout for the get creative October 1st challenge.When I read about it I immediatelly got excited,because like I said in the previous post,autumn is my favorite time of the year!I love all those colours,the fallen leaves and the sound they make when you step on them etc.I feel really unlucky that I live in a part of the world where fall only lasts maybe a bit longer than a heartbeat but also doesn't have all those gorgeous colours I see in pictures/movies from around the world!

This is probably my most time consuming layout ever.I've put a lot of work and different techniques in it and I'm pretty happy with the result(even though when I see all the other layouts I get depressed...I'm such a beginner!).I started with the leaves.I didn't have leaves nor a leaf stamp so that left me with only one other option:The internet!Luckilly there were lots to chose from and I decided on a set from Creativity portal.I printed them out(and almost ruined the printer in the process) and cut them out.Then I painted over them with a medium thick layer of crackle paint.I did this as I wanted cracks that were visible but not too heavy!The really cool thing about crackle paint is that as it dries it kind of shrinks so the leaves already took a really nice,natural,curled up form.Then after they were all dry and ready(that means the next day) I painted them.I used distress ink in the mustard seed colour and also a red alcohol ink and using my ink blending tool it was done easy and mess-free.

After that I decided on the photos.None of the photos I had were really suitable for what I had in mind so I picked two of my favorite photographs from two of my favorite places:Australia and Africa.As I say in the layout itself it's a dream of mine to work and live there for a few years in the future,so it was perfect(since I already had the title in mind).After that it was just a matter of choosing the colours and deciding how to combine them.The letters were of black chipboard so I inked them in a purple colour and then heat embossed them with embossing powder (eggplant colour) and they turned out great(you don't get to see it in the pictures much but they actually have a shiny blue-ish tint over them in the light).I distressed the edges of my green paper I used for matting my photos quite a bit(the fact it was a lighter shade of green inside because it was of the core'dinations range was an added bonus).The strips of paper on the bottom right are from a paper pad my friend Melenia gave me for my birthday(thank you again so much!).

I hope you like it!

Thank you

I made this card for the Stamp Simply challenge.The challenge asks us to be inspired by mother nature and make a card inspired by one of the seasons.Fall is my favorite,so it was obvious I'd go in that direction!It's a pretty simple card,but I hope you'll like it!


Take a break

No not literally,don't worry I'm not going on another hiatus!I told you I was back and I'm planning to keep that promise(both to you and most importantly to myself).The title is simply the layout title I used for my latest layout.With this LO I'm taking part in the Scrapbooking in Greece 12th challenge.

A while ago my laptop died.This caused me much stress,because a. all the learning matter for my exams was on that hard disc,b. most of my photos(including the ones of stuff I've made) were on that hard disc and c. I had no money to get a new one.Fortunatelly the hard disc was salvaged(it turned out the mother board was the cullprint) and my parents got me a new laptop (awww, aren't they sweet??).So I had that previous laptop for a few good years and of course,since I'm not carefull at all wear and tear was showing.There were a few of the keys missing(which happened during an unfortunate attempt to clean them) and that's how I found out something really interesting:Laptop keys are replacable.Which means you can take them off and put new ones in their place.There are actually quite a few sites selling them online.Of course I never replaced mine(see reason c) and at the end that turned out to be a good thing(since my laptop died a few short months later).But it got me thinking...hmmm the laptop died...time for some key harvest methinks!

So I had all these laptop keys and I knew I wanted to use them with scrapbooking but I had no idea how!And then this challenge popped up and it was the perfect solution.The challenge asks us to use only one piece of paper.This means you're stuck with the big empty space of your backing material and you'll have to find a way to fill it because you aren't allowed to use any other form of paper.Since I suck at doodling and my sticker collection is quite limited,the laptop keys were a great solution.

It's a bit grey-ish but that was intentionall(since I wanted to simulate the computer/laptop environment).On a later thought it might have worked out better with a different colour cat(since you could let the cat be it's original colour while the rest of the picrure is black and white) but my cat is black and white anyway so...The 0101 on top is to simulate the binary code computers use and recognise(and later my brother told me it's the number 5,which is one of my favorite numbers for multiple reasons so yay!).I distressed the paper(and the number stickers while I was at it) quite a bit to add a bit of a lighter shade(and also illustrate what happened to aformentioned laptop,lol).I wanted to add a bit of journalling but unfortunatelly the background paper is a bit too dark so black doesn't work and neither does silver.So I left the comments out,it's pretty self explanatory anyway!

So if you've made it this far after my life story,I hope you like it ;)


I'm back!!! (And 2 blog candies and a new blog)

Yeah I know,you've heard it all before...but this time it's for real(I hope).After a really bad month(exam period) which also didn't go according to plan I do feel the creative juices are flowing,even though I'm not entirely sure how to use them yet!I did make a little something,but I haven't taken a picture of it yet,so I will show you in a next post(the fact my camera is busted,also doesn't help).

While I was away a lot has been going on in the greek scrapbooking community.Crops and cyber crops,challenges,new blogs etc.One new blog that my friend Irini has started begins today and it offers us new challenges(two every month) and the chance to win prizes!So if you haven't already check it out here.

Also two of my other friends are having blog give aways.My friend Lena is celebrating her one year blog-aversary and is giving away not one but two complete kits as a present!Also my friend Zeffy has lots of reasons to celebrate so she's giving away a little something something!So check their blogs out,even if you don't win a present you'll deff win on inspiration and ideas from these wonderful two ladies!

Okay,blog you soon,



Happy Birthday :)

I've been gone for a while,but you know how it is,exams,far away from home etc...I do hope I'll get more opportunities to scrap when I go back,even though can't make any promises since it's going to be a busy and (hopefully) fun filled summer!
This post has nothing to do with scrapping but it's my baby's first birthday since starting a blog so I guess I better do right by him and do a post about it :)

I can't believe it's been 8 years since I first held him,so tiny and helpless and cute!He's still cute,somewhat helpless(not the brightest in the bunch) but deff not tiny anymore!!!Especially this year there were moments I wasn't sure we'd even get to celebrate his 8th birthday,since he has diabetes and for a while things weren't going great for us.But I'm happy to announce that not only did we reach his 8th birthday,but we also reached it with him being under full control with his meds,so that gives us hope for a 9th,10th and many more birthdays hopefully!

Moretje,this is your day so enjoy it and relax :)Happy,happy birthday!


I've been bad...

I know,I know...I have neglected my blog for all this time and I don't even have a good excuse for it.I wasn't busy,I wasn't away,I was home and completely unispired...Inspiration still hasn't really come knocking,and these days it seems I only scrap when I've got a reason.
Fortunatelly life never is short of excuses and reasons to scrap,and this was no exception.My dear,dear friend Mary had her beatiful baby boy last Monday and of course,that's reason enough not only to celebrate but to scrap as well!
It started on Monday itself when my friend Eudokia and I made this diaper cake as a present for Mary.We were a little nervous,because neither of us had ever done something like this before,but it turned out to be pretty easy and lots of fun!We caught the diaper cake fever and now we only need a new pregnant friend ;) I think the result came out rather cute,and Mary said she liked it so mission accomplished ;)

Of course a card with my wishes for the baby couldn't be missed!!!I had decided to make another type of card(using the Kirigami technique) but after I made it I wasn't impressed.The card was beatiful(the insert that is) but I had made it on thin paper(because I thought that would be better,in order to do the folding etc) and the weight was too much.I tried correcting it,but there was no saving it,so here I was,a few hours before we would go see Mary and card-less...So off to Youtube for inspiration.Luckily the 'tube is full of wonderfull scrappers,who are kind and gracious enough not only to share their work with us,but give us tutorials as well.One of those wonderfull scrappers I always seem to be going back to is Dawn.She is such an inspiration,and she's shown me some incredible things I can do with cardstock and patterned paper!
Anyway I decided to go for the Shutter card.It looks really complicated but is really easy to make.Of course I made it my own,using baby oriented patterned paper and cute stickers!I hope you like it,but most of all I hope Mary liked it!

Mary I wish you and your wonderful family all the best.I hope you'll enjoy so many sweet,happy,warm,loving memories with your two little boys and you'll let us witness it all through your beautiful scrap-work!!!



I know,I know,I've been gone for so long!!Even though I was counting down the days till I came back from Thessaloniki from my exams(I did great BTW ;)) once I came here there were other matters pressing me for time(like "making" my new apartment livable and to my tastes, photos will come soon) so no time for creation.
At this point I need to say I met a great friend while in Thessaloniki,Maria and she gave me a wonderful present!Thank you so much Maria!!!I love everything you gave me.
As you might guess I was dying to use my new products,so I decided to try something new!I took a cereal box and decided to make my own alpha's from it.I used an acrylic paint dabber to color them and the glitters are from an old pair of jeans.At the time I wasn't sure why I kept them,but in the end,I'm glad I did ;)
Now I only need to use them in a layout or album ;)



Ok since I'm almost home where I can scrap again I decided to post a little card I made for one of my friends who graduated from University this December.Unfortunately I couldn't be here,because my brother was graduating a few weeks after her(and it wasn't possible for me to make the trip twice,nor to stay somewhere the time in between those two graduations).I knew I was going to see her now though,so I decided to make a little card to accompany the gift I will give her(which I still haven't bought and I have no idea whatsoever).
It's a really simple card,nothing complex about it,just some cardstock in two different colours and some stickers and a ribbon but I really like the sentiment inside(I found it online).The little key was one of the two Lena sent me with her gift,and I added it to remind her that she and she alone holds the key to her success.I hope she'll like it (along with the gift,if I think of something :S)


Another blog candy!

Wow,my friends have been feeling very very generous these past few days.They are offering blog candies left and right!!!Lucky for us!!This time Roula is offering presents because her blog reached 100000 visits!!!Congratulations Roula!!You can find the post about the candy and instructions on how to enter here.Good luck everyone!!!And thank you Roula for all these wonderfull presents!


Crafty croppers blog candy week!!!

I'm hopeless,I've been trying to add the links to these great candies in my sidebar but I have no idea how to do it,and even when I think I've found of a way it doesn't work the way I want it to work!!!Feel free to give me lessons on how to do that in your comments ;)

Anyway,Irini organised the second crop for Greek scrappers this past weekend.Unfortunately once again I was unable to attend,as I'm still in Thessaloniki due to exams!But the ever so sweet Irini,is offering all of us girls who weren't able to actually be there a little piece of heaven.She's declared this week "Blog candy week" and she's been posting a different candy everyday!!!Irini thank you so much,the opportunity to win something from somewhere we all wanted to be is priceless!!!
So here are the links to all the different candies so far(don't know if there's more to come,but a girl can dream ;)) and the instructions on how to enter for a chance to win.I'll add to the list if more come!
Blog candy #1
Blog candy #2
Blog candy #3
Blog candy #4


Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

I know it's been a while,trust me,I KNOW!!!Ugh I'm here for such a short period of time,but it feels like ages already...according to my best friend it's because I have associated Thessaloniki and being here with all those nasty feelings about failure and still being a student,etc.Who knows,self-psychology is not my thing(even though I'm pretty good at psychoanalysing every other person in this world ;)).Thankfully(?) my exam period is almost over,I've got one more exam coming tomorrow and then the final one on Thursday and then I'm done!Woohoo!!At this point,I don't even care how I did/'ll do,I just wanna be done with it!
Ladies,I've seen all the wonderful things you've posted over this past week,week and a half,but I've been very busy with studying and couldn't leave you comments like I planned.You all make such fine pieces of work you both inspire and intimidate the hell out of me ;) I can't wait to see what you all have been doing for the album swap,and hopefully what I'll see won't discourage me of taking part in the next one ;)
Hopefully till soon!!!




I know I've been absent for a while,but not without a good reason.It's my exam period and after a break I took last year in order to see what I want to do,this one is the first exam period I'm back,full time!Monday and Tuesday were two rough days since I had my first exams(one of which was oral,which I hate) but that is behind us now and we can focus (for a little while) on the fun stuff!!!
This one is the last of the four layouts I did the last two nights before leaving Heraklion to come to Thessaloniki.It's alongside the previous one I posted,my favorite so far (saved the best for last ;)).The pictures are taken in the city of Breda in the Netherlands.I spent two months last summer in Holland,part of my figuring out what to do plan and worked in Rotterdam zoo for 6 weeks(I really should do something with those pictures as well).Most weekends I got together with my friend Nina and we would visit festivals and just do fun stuff.These pictures are taken in the city she lives in,where I spent a lovely day,cycling to a nearby village(I hadn't been on a bicycle for over ten years!) and just having plain old silly girl fun!
I loved the colour of the background paper so much(again Core'dinations) and I wanted to use it badly and I think it suits the photographs perfectly.My aim was to put the photos kinda random,I wanted to give the impression they accidentally fell into place on the paper(Melenia,great minds huh?).I loved the dotted paper(which is from Dovecraft the Masculine collection) and I thought it gave a great contrast to the whole layout.I also cut the letters from that same paper.And of course I couldn't help but to add some of Holland's national colour in the form of the buttons ;)


Feeding the ducks

I discovered this photo a few months back and fell in love with it immediately.It's a very old picture of my mom and her sister in a park,feeding some ducks.I loved it,I loved the theme,the fact it's so old,black and white,I loved everything about it and I knew right from the start I wanted to scrap it and make it into something beautiful.But I couldn't find a way,everything seemed to take away from the photo instead of enhancing it...so it sat there for all these months with me constantly trying to find a way to make it look good but without success.Than a few days back inspiration hit me and I came up with this.It's alongside with another layout I haven't showed you yet,my favorite and I think it's probably the best I've made so far.
The base is again a paper from Dovecraft this time from the Hint of Pink stack.On top of this is again one of the oh so loved Core'dinations papers.The square papers are also from Core'dinations,the Gemstones collection,which is awesome I might add.The two pink butterflies are from a flower pack from JUMBO and I added a glittery sticker in the middle(from Accessorize).The black glittery butterfly on the other hand I bought from a bead shop in Heraklion.It didn't have the glitter on,it was plain brown but I decided i wanted to do something with it,so I added glue on it and then sprinkled the glitter on.I think it turned out pretty cute!The silver letters I found in an old drawer(I think it's one of those sheets that came along with blank videotapes in order for you to be able to write the name of the movie on it),the pink letters I cut in the way I've described in a previous blog post and the white letters are once again from K&Company Life's Journey chipbox(I really should invest in a new chipboard alphabet,lol).



I wanted to wait for a couple of days before posting another layout,but I can't ;)

This is one of the two layouts I made last night (I also made a card).I think it's pretty good,probably not the best I've ever made or will make,but decent.I got the idea from a layout my friend Melenia made a couple of days back,but I've got to say that I already had the idea of using small pictures of myself in a layout even before I saw Melenia do a grid layout,I just didn't exactly know how to use them,so thank you for the inspiration!
The colours are brighter in real life,but once again my photography skills(and probably my camera too) don't do it much justice...I also am not sure about the brown parts on both the top and the bottom,even though I like them as an idea I'm not sure they are executed well and if the whole layout is balanced.I'm not a fan of empty spaces(as you might have guessed) so often I feel the need to "fill" my layout with more stuff,because I'm not sure it's enough...
Core'dinations paper as a base,brown paper from one of the stacks LIDL brigns occassionally,blue ribbon,a range of flowers from a pack from JUMBO and again letters from K&Company Life's Journey Chipbox.They are indeed two M's,but I liked the idea of one of them dropping off and looking like an E(and I've got to be honest,I ran out of e's,lol)


All eyes on you!

I made this layout last night(along with another one) and I plan/hope to make at least two more tonight before I head off tomorrow for at least one month of scrap-less time,since I'm off to Thessaloniki to take some exams.Of course now that I don't have much time to scrap I'm full of ideas and creativity...typical!
This is a photo of my absolute favorite cousin(don't worry,I asked her for permission before posting it ;)).This was taken last August if I remember correctly on a Thursday afternoon...my cousin Maria,my best friend Voula and me had all gathered together for coffee and the sending of a sms (which at the time looked like a big deal,which of course turned out it wasn't ;)) and we ended up having such a blast that day.It's taken next to the beach,across from the Talos Plaza shopping center.There's a really small segment of a wall and it's painted with really bright colours and it has all these different sea creatures on it...very cool and the perfect background for pictures!!!We took a lot of pics that day,but this one has to be my favorite cause you can obviously see the star my cousin is!!
For the layout I used a paper from Dovecraft's Eastern bloom pack as a base and topped it with a purple Core'dinations Reminisce pack paper.Pink ribbon in the middle (HEYDA) and for the frame of the photo I used one of my last pieces of the Die Cut Mat Pad Wild Saffron from K&Company(really lovely).The green letters I cut using the templates I had left over after punching out the chipboard alphabet that came along with it (from upikit) and I used the left over from the matting pad paper I had used for the frame.The white chipboard letters are from K&Company's Life's Journey chipbox and the white words are rub ons from Sizzix.The little moving eyes are a gift friends of mine gave me,which they bought through a local book store in Thessaloniki(Malliaris).


Sunshine awards!

This is exactly what happens when you have awesome friends like I do.This little blog hasn't even been one month old and I already got not one,not two but three sunshine awards from three very dear friends of mine,Nikoletta,Eudokia and Mary.Girls thank you all so much,this was a very nice surprise!
According to the rules of this award I now should post 12 blogs that I love and have inspired me and award them as well.But as you all know,this award has been going around for a day or two now and I doubt someone has stayed award-less.And it's not like you can ever have too much of a good thing,but when half of the girls I was going to award have already been awarded(and followed the rules of the award by posting and re-giving it) and the other half has already received several awards from the other girls one more or less doesn't make a huge difference.
You girls all have helped me so much,either by answering questions,sharing cool shopping tips or even by just inspiring me with posting your creations on your blogs or on the forum sites we all visit.You have sent me good luck wishes when I needed them,positive energy when I was taking exams,shared your thoughts and suggestions on both creative and personal matters,giving me good advice when I needed it and hearing me b!tch when I needed that.You girls are making one of internet's biggest assets a reality for me everyday:bringing people together and forging friendships that might otherwise never have happened.And for that there aren't awards enough around the world to give you!Thank you!


Birthday cards

With an upcoming birthday and me not being here (since I'm leaving next Wednesday for Thessaloniki for a month) I needed to make a birthday card for my friend Chrysa.Like I've explained before I wasn't much home or inspired during the holiday season but these past few days I've been feeling the need to start scrapping again.So last night and even though it was past 12 am I decided that snoozers are loosers and that I needed to make a few cards otherwise the creativity would pass and I'd still be left with nothing.Like I said in a previous post,they aren't my usual cup of tea,they are a bit different.Part of it has to do with the fact we finally have a printer again and i was dying to use it to do something different.This is what I came up with:

Card #1

This was the first card I made and it actually was the most time consuming of the three.I found the templates for the birdie here,printed them out,used them on cardstock and patterned paper and made my own little birdie.I decided not to write the popular "A little birdie told me" on the outside of the card since my friend Melenia had used the exact same phrase on one of her cards and I didn't want to copy her like that(even though I couldn't resist and I did write it on the inside).I think it tured out pretty cute but you tell me ;)

Card #2

This was the second card I made and to be honest I set out trying to do something else,which didn't work and I ended up with this one,but I think of the 3 it's my favorite.It's pretty simple,I just did a google search for images on "Happy birthday" and I found this really cute "me to you" image.I printed it out and used it as the center of my card and then just added a little bit of flair with ribbons and (glitter) stickers.You can't really see it in the picture but I framed the image instead of just matting it,I thought it gave it a somewhat more professional look ;)

Card #3

Again nothing fancy,when doing the search I mentioned above I also stumpled across this really cute image of Snoopy and I decided to go for it...it was a big picture so refraiming it and trying to get it to print right on a smaller size was a bit of a headache but when I finally did it,it was worth the effort...I used orange ink and I coloured the Happy Birthday so it would stand out,give a bit of colour to the card and also match it with the base colour of my card which I decided I wanted to make out of orange cardstock since Snoopy is such a happy,playful character.The green frame just seemed like the most obvious choice(I really love the colour combination of lime green and orange) and I added two flowers layered on top of each other and I used a brad to secure them to place.I think it's such a fun card and I'm really liking it!

So this is it,like I said the cards are a bit different than my usual style,but that's what scrapbooking is all about,experimenting.Now tell me,which one should I send to Chrysa ;)

As promised...

Ok as promised last night here are all the cards I've received from my lovely scrapbooking friends!!!Girls thank you all so much,your cards are lovely and one of a kind!