Ok since I'm almost home where I can scrap again I decided to post a little card I made for one of my friends who graduated from University this December.Unfortunately I couldn't be here,because my brother was graduating a few weeks after her(and it wasn't possible for me to make the trip twice,nor to stay somewhere the time in between those two graduations).I knew I was going to see her now though,so I decided to make a little card to accompany the gift I will give her(which I still haven't bought and I have no idea whatsoever).
It's a really simple card,nothing complex about it,just some cardstock in two different colours and some stickers and a ribbon but I really like the sentiment inside(I found it online).The little key was one of the two Lena sent me with her gift,and I added it to remind her that she and she alone holds the key to her success.I hope she'll like it (along with the gift,if I think of something :S)


Another blog candy!

Wow,my friends have been feeling very very generous these past few days.They are offering blog candies left and right!!!Lucky for us!!This time Roula is offering presents because her blog reached 100000 visits!!!Congratulations Roula!!You can find the post about the candy and instructions on how to enter here.Good luck everyone!!!And thank you Roula for all these wonderfull presents!


Crafty croppers blog candy week!!!

I'm hopeless,I've been trying to add the links to these great candies in my sidebar but I have no idea how to do it,and even when I think I've found of a way it doesn't work the way I want it to work!!!Feel free to give me lessons on how to do that in your comments ;)

Anyway,Irini organised the second crop for Greek scrappers this past weekend.Unfortunately once again I was unable to attend,as I'm still in Thessaloniki due to exams!But the ever so sweet Irini,is offering all of us girls who weren't able to actually be there a little piece of heaven.She's declared this week "Blog candy week" and she's been posting a different candy everyday!!!Irini thank you so much,the opportunity to win something from somewhere we all wanted to be is priceless!!!
So here are the links to all the different candies so far(don't know if there's more to come,but a girl can dream ;)) and the instructions on how to enter for a chance to win.I'll add to the list if more come!
Blog candy #1
Blog candy #2
Blog candy #3
Blog candy #4