Hello little one

This is a mini album I made for my new baby nephew.Last summer when my sis and her boyfriend visited us,she saw some of the stuff I've made over the past couple of years and she totally loved a mini star album I have made with Mori as the center of attention.She told me,half serious,half joking she wants me to make her one for the baby.So of course I kinda had to(you can't get away with making an album for your cat but not your nephew now,can you?) not that I didn't want to,but since I'm kind of a perfectionist I beat myself up a lot when making things and I tend to stress so much about them,especially if they are meant to be presents given to others.

As always I'm not entirely happy with it.I think it looks pretty much like an amateur's job(which of course I am)...but I figured as long as my sis stays away from other crafters blogs I'll be fine.

So here it is,hope you like it(and sorry for the many,many pictures).

P.S I forgot to mention the mini album is from Sfragidomania.I have to thank them once again for doing such an excellent job for me!Also for those who are interested(I'm sorry I'm just adding this,this was actually my third attempt making this post,shady internet around here these past couple of days) the papers are in their majority from a Disney Winnie the Pooh paper pack I found on ebay at a bargain price(I think with p&p charges it ended up costing me a bit over 10 euros).It was full with happy,colourful papers,a sheet of stickers and a sheet of cardstock embelishments.It's lovely and I highly recommend it for children's projects!


Very cute...photo!

This is a layout I made a while ago.It was during one mini-crop session we,the Heraklion based scrappers,held at my house,for the first time.It was great to get together and create,even though I usually end up watching what everybody else does and get inspired just as we're about to stop!My dear friend Melenia helped me a lot with this layout so I have to thank her once again!I'm not entirely happy with the title,but since I still don't have a small font alphabet stickers and the only alphas I do have are huge it's going to have to do for now.

Since it's an old picture of my mom I wanted to keep the theme kinda romantic and old fashioned.I'm not entirely sure if I succeeded,since this isn't my style at all,but it was my first effort trying something new and at the end of the day if you keep doing the same things over and over again you aren't making any progress!!

I hope you like it.