Wild west Scrap Divas HUGE blog candy giveaway.

Since it's the season we are all allowed to feel like children again,even if it's just for one week,we are allowed to believe dreams can come true...A scrapbookers dream is always getting more supplies(even if her scrapbooking supplies closet is already full!) and the Wild West Diva's are here giving us a chance to make that dream a reality.They are having a huge give away,you can find the rules in order to participate here.Good luck to everyone!And once again thanks to my friend Lena for the heads up on this chance ;)


Present from Lena,thank you so much!

Ok.a few weeks ago my friend Lena had a give away in the spirit of the holidays.This was before I started my blog(hence I never mentioned it here).I took part in it and out of 44 participants I was one of the lucky five!!!I won some seriously cute Sizzix dies.Yesterday the package arrived and I was delighted to see that besides the dies Lena was kind enough to include some extra treats and a gorgeous christmas card!!Here's a picture of all the goodies I got:

A close up of the card and most of the treats

So Lena once again a big thank you!!!You really made my day with all those wonderfull goodies!

Prima Picks

These are the new Prima picks!How cute are those?Perfect for any scrapbooking layout,esp those christmas ones,I think it will make them even more special!
Prima gives you the chance to win one of these goodies you see in the picture above.Just click on the picture,it will take you to the Prima site where you'll see the instructions in order to have a chance to win.Good luck!


Merry Christmas!!!!

Today is the 24th of December so it's Christmas Eve...so in the spirit of the days I decided to show you the christmas cards I did this year....I did two different sets,one set of 30 which was a bit simpler because there were so many of them.These cards i made for my mom so she could send them to our relatives and friends in holland.They're really very simple to make,what i did was find a picture of a christmas tree I liked on the internet,printed it out in the size i wanted,cut it out and then used the paper that was left as a template...so basically I printed out a tree and then cut it out of the paper and threw it away,lol.But that did leave me with a cool template I could use!I then glued the paper on some thin cardboard(to make it more stable and durable) and using my ink blenind tool applied glue on the coloured cardstock I used for my cards.Then I sprinkled glitter on the cardstock which of course stuck on the glue...voila,a glittery chrismas tree with literally almost no effort from my part...I realise now that my instructions are a bit vague and complicated to maybe i'll make a video demonstrating it somewhere along the road...

Ok the next set I made were 14 cards I made from a stitching cards pattern(you can find it here).I really enjoyed making these cards because it combines two of my favorite things,embroidery and scrapbooking!They aren't really that hard to make(even though they look like they are and also like they are really time consuming),once you get the hang of it and make the first 2-3 cards and you know exactly where you need to enter and where you need to exit with your thread it gets really easy and it's lot's of fun to see how you can make a very interesting pattern with just a little thread and a few beads...I will admit that they are a bit material consuming though,there goes a lot of thread into these and also 15 beads per card(which you could also maybe substitute with glitter glue dots or small round stickers).I made lots of different color combinations that aren't really traditional christmassy but I looked at the colours of the beads I had and went from there.

I know the numbers don't match,but I made of some colors two cards(the blue and the red one) and I also forgot to photograph one of them so yeah...after making 44 cards I was not only exhausted but I literally don't want to make another christmas card for the next year or so...good thing I won't have to ;)

Merry Christmas to you all,may these days bring you all you ever desired and wished for!!!And here's to a better(hopefully much better for me personally) 2010!!!


Christmas wreath

A few days ago I was chatting with a few scrapping friends and one of them showed us this link to a very cool christmas wreath.I immediatelly decided on the spot I wanted to make one.Unfortunatelly I couldn't find a floral foam ring(surprise surprise) and since I didn't want to wait for one I had to order through the internet I made do with a foam ring they use here for flowers(which is not the same thing as the floral foam ring they use abroad,lol).This is what I came up with.I'm not completely happy with it and since I used so many flowers(and really didn't have the patience nor the will to make even more) I didn't cover the entire thing on the outside of the ring,which I covered with a green with gold details ribbon(the one you can see I used for a hanger too).I'll probably add more flowers next year(when I'll have forgotten how much I didn't like making them even though they aren't really difficult to make,lol).It still looks pretty cool on the front door though(even though it's a shame you can't hang it on the outside for more people to see cause it would be gone in less than an hour...)

Happy holidays to all!




In keeping with the spirit of blogging and all I decided to make a new layout last night... Unfortunatelly I'm uninspired at the moment and nothing looks or feels right... So I decided to post a card I made a few days ago on here so I won't have any excuse... Since I've been scrapping for a year and a half now I've got lots of stuff made and I'll probably post it on here as time goes by when it's been a while and I've got nothing new to show you.
Anyway,I made this card for someone i don't know personally.It's someone my mom knows who's going through a rough time these days.I was happy to make the card even though I didn't know her personally but again miss inspiration decided not to show up...So I waited till the very last minute(the night before my mom would go to the post office) and still nothing...So I went online searching for a few ideas...and voila!!This card isn't as easy as it initially looks since there's a lot of planning involved in making the grid and cutting the pieces of paper as exact as possible as you can(since I have no square punch,I'm guessing it would mean one headache less if you do).I enjoyed making it though and I'll probably make more in the future,hopefully for a nicer occassion!
As you probably will notice in this and future projects my photography skills leave something to be desired...the projects actually do look better in real life.



Don't you hate that one little word when you see it written under almost anything you can comment on,whether it's a youtube video or a serious article on a news website??It always makes my blood boil a little(esp if it's a topic dear to my heart)...I'm dreading the moment people are actually going to start using it on Facebook!
Anyway,I thought it was only fair to name my first blog post like this.First!Because it's the first one and also because it actually forces me to at least write a second blog post(otherwise it doesn't make much sense,now does it?).
This is not my first attempt at blogging,hopefully this one will stay up longer than an hour and a half before I decide to delete it,lol!This blog will mostly serve as a way to showcase my handmade cards and scrapbooking layouts,but of course will also include other things that are near and dear to me,like music,pets etc...basically I'm going to try to do what I have never succeeded in doing before(even though I've tried) and that's to keep a sort of a diary...
The reason I decided to this one in English is because a.I've got a lot of friends that don't read Greek(and really there's a certain amount of times you can read a comment like "It's all Greek to me" before it stops being funny) and b.because english is my main "online" language and I like to practise it(feel free to correct me on any mistakes!).
That's it,thanks for stopping by and hopefully I'll see you again soon!