Christmas wreath

A few days ago I was chatting with a few scrapping friends and one of them showed us this link to a very cool christmas wreath.I immediatelly decided on the spot I wanted to make one.Unfortunatelly I couldn't find a floral foam ring(surprise surprise) and since I didn't want to wait for one I had to order through the internet I made do with a foam ring they use here for flowers(which is not the same thing as the floral foam ring they use abroad,lol).This is what I came up with.I'm not completely happy with it and since I used so many flowers(and really didn't have the patience nor the will to make even more) I didn't cover the entire thing on the outside of the ring,which I covered with a green with gold details ribbon(the one you can see I used for a hanger too).I'll probably add more flowers next year(when I'll have forgotten how much I didn't like making them even though they aren't really difficult to make,lol).It still looks pretty cool on the front door though(even though it's a shame you can't hang it on the outside for more people to see cause it would be gone in less than an hour...)

Happy holidays to all!



  1. Ειρήνη μου καλή αρχή με το μπλογκ σου!!! Περιμένουμε να δούμε τις δημιουργίες σου!!
    Το στεφανάκι είναι τέλειο!!!! Μπράβο για την υπομονή σου κ φυσικά κ για το αποτέλεσμα!!! Τέλειο είναι!!!!!!

  2. AΠΑΙΧΤΟ!!!! τέλειο!!! μπράβο βρε Ειρήνη! καλη αρχή! το μπλογκάκι γλύκα!