Merry Christmas!!!!

Today is the 24th of December so it's Christmas Eve...so in the spirit of the days I decided to show you the christmas cards I did this year....I did two different sets,one set of 30 which was a bit simpler because there were so many of them.These cards i made for my mom so she could send them to our relatives and friends in holland.They're really very simple to make,what i did was find a picture of a christmas tree I liked on the internet,printed it out in the size i wanted,cut it out and then used the paper that was left as a template...so basically I printed out a tree and then cut it out of the paper and threw it away,lol.But that did leave me with a cool template I could use!I then glued the paper on some thin cardboard(to make it more stable and durable) and using my ink blenind tool applied glue on the coloured cardstock I used for my cards.Then I sprinkled glitter on the cardstock which of course stuck on the glue...voila,a glittery chrismas tree with literally almost no effort from my part...I realise now that my instructions are a bit vague and complicated to maybe i'll make a video demonstrating it somewhere along the road...

Ok the next set I made were 14 cards I made from a stitching cards pattern(you can find it here).I really enjoyed making these cards because it combines two of my favorite things,embroidery and scrapbooking!They aren't really that hard to make(even though they look like they are and also like they are really time consuming),once you get the hang of it and make the first 2-3 cards and you know exactly where you need to enter and where you need to exit with your thread it gets really easy and it's lot's of fun to see how you can make a very interesting pattern with just a little thread and a few beads...I will admit that they are a bit material consuming though,there goes a lot of thread into these and also 15 beads per card(which you could also maybe substitute with glitter glue dots or small round stickers).I made lots of different color combinations that aren't really traditional christmassy but I looked at the colours of the beads I had and went from there.

I know the numbers don't match,but I made of some colors two cards(the blue and the red one) and I also forgot to photograph one of them so yeah...after making 44 cards I was not only exhausted but I literally don't want to make another christmas card for the next year or so...good thing I won't have to ;)

Merry Christmas to you all,may these days bring you all you ever desired and wished for!!!And here's to a better(hopefully much better for me personally) 2010!!!


  1. Απίστευτη δουλειά!!! Ευχαριστώ, Ειρήνη μου, για την δική μου καρτούλα! Καλά Χριστούγεννα να έχεις κι εσύ!

  2. Κοπελιά υπέροχες οι καρτούλες σου!!! χαρα στην υπομονή σου!!!