I know,I know,I've been gone for so long!!Even though I was counting down the days till I came back from Thessaloniki from my exams(I did great BTW ;)) once I came here there were other matters pressing me for time(like "making" my new apartment livable and to my tastes, photos will come soon) so no time for creation.
At this point I need to say I met a great friend while in Thessaloniki,Maria and she gave me a wonderful present!Thank you so much Maria!!!I love everything you gave me.
As you might guess I was dying to use my new products,so I decided to try something new!I took a cereal box and decided to make my own alpha's from it.I used an acrylic paint dabber to color them and the glitters are from an old pair of jeans.At the time I wasn't sure why I kept them,but in the end,I'm glad I did ;)
Now I only need to use them in a layout or album ;)