In keeping with the spirit of blogging and all I decided to make a new layout last night... Unfortunatelly I'm uninspired at the moment and nothing looks or feels right... So I decided to post a card I made a few days ago on here so I won't have any excuse... Since I've been scrapping for a year and a half now I've got lots of stuff made and I'll probably post it on here as time goes by when it's been a while and I've got nothing new to show you.
Anyway,I made this card for someone i don't know personally.It's someone my mom knows who's going through a rough time these days.I was happy to make the card even though I didn't know her personally but again miss inspiration decided not to show up...So I waited till the very last minute(the night before my mom would go to the post office) and still nothing...So I went online searching for a few ideas...and voila!!This card isn't as easy as it initially looks since there's a lot of planning involved in making the grid and cutting the pieces of paper as exact as possible as you can(since I have no square punch,I'm guessing it would mean one headache less if you do).I enjoyed making it though and I'll probably make more in the future,hopefully for a nicer occassion!
As you probably will notice in this and future projects my photography skills leave something to be desired...the projects actually do look better in real life.


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