Crafty croppers blog candy week!!!

I'm hopeless,I've been trying to add the links to these great candies in my sidebar but I have no idea how to do it,and even when I think I've found of a way it doesn't work the way I want it to work!!!Feel free to give me lessons on how to do that in your comments ;)

Anyway,Irini organised the second crop for Greek scrappers this past weekend.Unfortunately once again I was unable to attend,as I'm still in Thessaloniki due to exams!But the ever so sweet Irini,is offering all of us girls who weren't able to actually be there a little piece of heaven.She's declared this week "Blog candy week" and she's been posting a different candy everyday!!!Irini thank you so much,the opportunity to win something from somewhere we all wanted to be is priceless!!!
So here are the links to all the different candies so far(don't know if there's more to come,but a girl can dream ;)) and the instructions on how to enter for a chance to win.I'll add to the list if more come!
Blog candy #1
Blog candy #2
Blog candy #3
Blog candy #4

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