I'm an aunt!!

Yeah I know I should probably do a Merry Christmas post or something like that,but in this house,Jesus' birthday is secondary to my little nephew's:Sander!My sister finally gave birth on the 22nd of December to a healthy,huge (54cm and 4100gr) baby boy!I wish I could share a picture,cause he's really adorable,but I don't think my sister and brother in law would be very happy about that(they're kind of private) so you're just gonna have to take my word for it when I say:he's gorgeous!

As you all know I have been away for a few days to go to Thessaloniki for exams.So in case she gave birth while I was away I had to be prepared,so I made two cards before I went.Problem was,we had no idea what it was(I mean we knew it was a baby,but not if it was a boy or a girl).My sis thought it would be funny if they knew but none of the others did,so even though they knew pretty early on,they left us guessing till the very last day!So my cards had to be gender neutral!It was really tough to do that,so I came up with something "funny" to punish them both!

This is the card I made for my sis:

And this is the card I made for my brother in law.I have to say that he hates Winnie the Pooh,he told us he thinks he's gay because he constantly hugs Piglet and says "Oh bother"(of course he said that right after I had just bought a Winnie the Pooh paper pack to make their present baby mini album with).

In the comments I tell him how he should get used to it,since my sis will probably say that a lot with two men in the house(I had a baby girl version too,lol).

And this is the card I made today for my parents to send.As you can see,knowing the gender makes colour selection a lot easier!Also my sis loves giraffes,the whole room is decorated in them so it was easy to choose a theme.The little giraffe is a printable stamp I found online(sorry don't remember where) and the giraffe print cardstock I printed myself.The Welcome baby sentiment I bought a while back(as part of the mini album kit I still have to make) from Sfragidomania,I have to thank them once again,they did an excellent job!The ribbon I bought from a local craft store.

I hope you like them!!


  1. Καλημέρα και χρόνια πολλά! Να σου ζήσει το ανιψάκι, να είναι γερό παιδάκι και καλότυχο!!!

  2. να σου ζήσει το ανηψάκι! να ειναι γερό και καλότυχο και εσύ γερή να το χαίρεσαι! άντε να τελειώσεις να πας να το δεις κι απο κοντά!
    Οι καρτούλες σου πολύ χαριτωμένες!!!

  3. Congratulations, aunt Irini!!! May little Sander be always healthy, happy and strong!!!
    When are you flying to Amsterdam??? lol

  4. Ειρηνάκι να σας ζήσει!!Πολύ γλυκιές οι καρτούλες σου!
    Καλή χρονιά σου εύχομαι!!

  5. Congratulations aunt Irini!
    I wish Sander all the best in his life and may he always be healthy happy and strong (to quote Melenia)
    fabulous news!!