"I feel it in my fingers...

...I feel it in my toes.Christmas is all around us,and so the feeling grows.".Have you seen this movie??I love it,it's probably one of my favorite Christmas movies(probably because even though it's a chick flick it's got some pretty funny scenes as well,I mean who didn't laugh when Hugh Grant busted a move as England's new Prime Minister?).And for those who have no idea what the hell I'm talking about,I'm reffering to the movie "Love Actually"...now go rent it and watch!

Okay with Christmas just around the corner and with me leaving in a couple of days for a week(yeah going to Thessaloniki,exams,yada,yada,yada,you know the drill) it was about time I started making my christmas cards.As most of you probably know I usually end up doing the same card over and over as many times I need it,just using different colours.But I loved all the different kinds of christmas cards some of my scrappers friends make every year so I decided to try it.Of course you can't change your whole personality by pushing a button so even though I tried different things,colours and themes for my cards the basic shape is the same.I decided I wanted to make triangular Christmas cards.We had gotten one a few years back and I loved how special it was,so I immediatelly then and there decided I'll make triangular cards as well some day,and the day has come!

Trying to make a triangle card isn't as easy as it sounds.Lucky for me I was able to find a template here (btw I loved the shaker card thingy,too bad I didn't have the supplies to make one,but some day ;)).As you see it has both the patterns for the base card and the shaker part of the card which is very usefull.It also has templates for triangle envelopes which I still have to make(but if it's a pain I might go for square ones ;)).So after having made a template out of cardstock it was easy to just trace around that one for all the other cards I made!And after that it was card making time!

I won't bore you with all the details on how I decided to make each card(and how many other ideas I had and tried that failed misserably,seriously,with all the paper I threw away I must have destroyed at least half a forest!) and I'm just gonna show you what I came up with.I'm not as happy with all of them(some I love,some I don't) but all in all it was fun making them!

I hope you like them!

P.S I have to thank my friends Eudokia and Lena.The first for giving me some of the patterned papers you see on some of the cards and the "Just for you" christmas ball cutout and the second for the two little sentiments on two of the cards.


  1. καταπληκτικό το σχήμα!!! καλά έκανες και το κράτησες ίδιο στις κάρτες και άλλαξες διακόσμηση! υπέροχες έγιναν!!καλό ταξίδι ειρήνη μου και καλή επιτυχία στην εξεταστική!!φιλια!!!

  2. Πανέμορφες, πρωτότυπες, άκρως Χριστουγεννίατικες!!!
    ps Η ταινία όλα τα λεφτά συμφωνώ και επαυξάνω παίζουν και πολύ καλοί ηθοποιοί (πειράζει που τρελαίνομαι για το Colin Firth?)
    Good luck και απο μένα!

  3. Ουάου!!!! Αυτές οι κάρτες είναι φανταστικές!!
    Το φιλμ που αναφέρεις είναι στα τοπ10 μου! Το βλέπουμε κάθε Χριστούγεννα, εχει γίνει παράδοση!
    Καλό ταξίδι Ειρήνη και καλά αποτελέσματα!!!

  4. Τέλειες Ειρήνη!!! και του χρόνου να σαι καλά!!!

  5. Πολύ όμορφες! Καλές γιορτές!

  6. Ho..gorgeous work. I used to love making cards, but they can be a bit tedious and any little mistake shows. LOL..thats why I love scrapbooking. I dont over think it ,,,I just go for it and what will be will be. Thanks so very much for your kind words on my blog. It makes me SUPER happy to get comments from other crafters that can appreciate the work involved and simply just like something I made. Everyone loves positive feedback. So thanks! Also thanks for your comment on my handwriting. Would you believe I have never had a specific 'handwriting' style. You could never tell 'Nadia wrote that'. Yet, these past few weeks I have again just been going for it and writing directly on my actual pages and alas! we have Nadia's handwriting. LOL..But I must confess that I finally bought a calligraphy pen. Although they sound super expensive, I just got them from ebay for a few dollars. They have made all the difference. Ok..better leave space for some others to comment on your beautiful cards, Bye for now!

  7. Ειρήνη μου υπέροχες είναι οι καρτούλες σου!!! Μπράβο σου!! Η κάθεμια έχει κ κάτι διαφορετικό!!
    Καλή επιτυχία σου εύχομαι για τις εξετάσεις σου!! να πάνε όλα καλά! Κ με το καλό να επιστρεψεις!
    Πολλά φιλιά!

  8. όμορφες οι καρτούλες σου και πολύ ιδιαίτερο το σχήμα τους!!!! καλή επιτυχία στις εξετάσεις σου!! φιλακια πολλα!!!

  9. Love the cards!!!!
    how about adding an eyelet and some string! you could call them ornaments! and nter them in the December first challenge at get creative!! LOL xaxaxa.....I am serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Είναι υπέροχες οι καρτούλες σου!!! Εύχομαι καλά αποτελέσματα!!!