It's not bragging if u can do it!

For this layout I used a sketch from scrapbooksetc.com (I used sketch # 36).In the back of my mind I had Irini's challenge(for her get creative blog) and I liked how the sketch in this layout somewhat had a cross like pattern(like our flag).The challenge was also to use the colours of our national flag(blue and white) and to use the word no,either in the title or the journaling.I did cheat a little(I don't know if it counts as cheating since,the challenge doesn't specifically express we have to use ONLY blue and white but that's how I understood it) but it was turning very very one note with only blue so I used the same shade of red as in the picture(at the end of the day,I love a good challenge but I have to make a good layout and showcase the photo as best possible,that's what's my first concern).

So the journaling might leave some of you confused,since it's somewhat of an inside joke.We've been calling our brother Popeye for years,because one day when we were watching it(when he was little) he pronounced it really weird(very literally) and wondered why they called him Popeye(as it's actually pronounced) in Greek!It was so cute and it stuck with him,and both me and my sister have been calling him like that since then!He's even listed that way in my cell phone,lol!So I liked the whole nautical theme and it was working great both with the colours and the picture so I went with it!

I am terrible at remembering the names and brands of the products I've used,but if any of you really wants to know I'll make an effort to list them (I know I should anyway,but meh!)

I hope you like it!


  1. Τι όμορφη που είναι!! Μπράβο!! Μου αρέσει πολύ ο κύκλος!!!

  2. ΕΙΡΗΝΗΗΗΗΗ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tι απίστευτο στήσιμο είναι αυτό, μιλάμε ενθουσιάστηκα πάρα πολύ!!! Και τα χρώματα φανταστικά!!!

  3. love the story in this layout.....thanks for playing along!!

  4. εμένα καταρχήν μου αρέσει τρελά που σε βλέπω κι φτιάνχεις συνθέσεις!!
    τα χρώματα μέσα στο νόημα της πρόκλησης και το στήσιμο φοβερό!!! όσο για το στόρυ...πολύ γέλιο!!!

  5. Τα χρώματα πλήρως εναρμονισμένα με το ναυτικό θέμα της φωτό. Το στήσιμο αξιοζήλευτο (θα περάσει πολύς καιρός να φτάσω σε τέτοια επίπεδα αν τα καταφέρω ποτέ...) Πραγματικά εξαιρετικό layout!

  6. Ευχαριστώ κορίτσια...

    puccarina μου δεν είναι δικό μου το στήσιμο...είναι σκετς...θα βρεις διάφορα online και θα σε βοηθήσουν πολύ.Και εμένα ήταν η πρώτη φορά που χρησιμοποιούσα(τα σνόμπαρα πριν,έλεγα πόσο να με βοηθήσουν) αλλά έμεινα έκπληκτή!!