Sunshine awards!

This is exactly what happens when you have awesome friends like I do.This little blog hasn't even been one month old and I already got not one,not two but three sunshine awards from three very dear friends of mine,Nikoletta,Eudokia and Mary.Girls thank you all so much,this was a very nice surprise!
According to the rules of this award I now should post 12 blogs that I love and have inspired me and award them as well.But as you all know,this award has been going around for a day or two now and I doubt someone has stayed award-less.And it's not like you can ever have too much of a good thing,but when half of the girls I was going to award have already been awarded(and followed the rules of the award by posting and re-giving it) and the other half has already received several awards from the other girls one more or less doesn't make a huge difference.
You girls all have helped me so much,either by answering questions,sharing cool shopping tips or even by just inspiring me with posting your creations on your blogs or on the forum sites we all visit.You have sent me good luck wishes when I needed them,positive energy when I was taking exams,shared your thoughts and suggestions on both creative and personal matters,giving me good advice when I needed it and hearing me b!tch when I needed that.You girls are making one of internet's biggest assets a reality for me everyday:bringing people together and forging friendships that might otherwise never have happened.And for that there aren't awards enough around the world to give you!Thank you!

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