Out of the office...

Ok,ok I know I was gone for a bit too long maybe(I can honestly say I was never good in keeping a diary as a kid so why should a blog be any different,lol) but it was due to the holidays etc etc...I didn't have much time nor was I in the mood to scrap.I've been busy studying for my upcoming exams(fear not,lots of older projects for that scrapless month ;)) which practically takes up most of my daytime and that in addition to many friends living abroad coming over for Xmas holidays and the added stress (and fights that come along with it) during the holiday season,which meant I wasn't much home during the nighttime resulted in me not being creative at all...
But I'm back,tonight creativity struck and I made three birthday cards(which are a bit different then the stuff I normally do).Since it got pretty late(but hey if you are feeling it,flow with it cause you never know when it might come back) and since my photography skills aren't the best(and taking pics at nighttime doesn't help much either) I'm gonna leave you all in anticipation for tomorrow when I'll post pics of all the cards I made tonight and also all the lovely christmas cards I've received from my scrapping friends!



  1. Looking forward to seeing what you create...
    I am sure that your cards will be awesome!