Birthday cards

With an upcoming birthday and me not being here (since I'm leaving next Wednesday for Thessaloniki for a month) I needed to make a birthday card for my friend Chrysa.Like I've explained before I wasn't much home or inspired during the holiday season but these past few days I've been feeling the need to start scrapping again.So last night and even though it was past 12 am I decided that snoozers are loosers and that I needed to make a few cards otherwise the creativity would pass and I'd still be left with nothing.Like I said in a previous post,they aren't my usual cup of tea,they are a bit different.Part of it has to do with the fact we finally have a printer again and i was dying to use it to do something different.This is what I came up with:

Card #1

This was the first card I made and it actually was the most time consuming of the three.I found the templates for the birdie here,printed them out,used them on cardstock and patterned paper and made my own little birdie.I decided not to write the popular "A little birdie told me" on the outside of the card since my friend Melenia had used the exact same phrase on one of her cards and I didn't want to copy her like that(even though I couldn't resist and I did write it on the inside).I think it tured out pretty cute but you tell me ;)

Card #2

This was the second card I made and to be honest I set out trying to do something else,which didn't work and I ended up with this one,but I think of the 3 it's my favorite.It's pretty simple,I just did a google search for images on "Happy birthday" and I found this really cute "me to you" image.I printed it out and used it as the center of my card and then just added a little bit of flair with ribbons and (glitter) stickers.You can't really see it in the picture but I framed the image instead of just matting it,I thought it gave it a somewhat more professional look ;)

Card #3

Again nothing fancy,when doing the search I mentioned above I also stumpled across this really cute image of Snoopy and I decided to go for it...it was a big picture so refraiming it and trying to get it to print right on a smaller size was a bit of a headache but when I finally did it,it was worth the effort...I used orange ink and I coloured the Happy Birthday so it would stand out,give a bit of colour to the card and also match it with the base colour of my card which I decided I wanted to make out of orange cardstock since Snoopy is such a happy,playful character.The green frame just seemed like the most obvious choice(I really love the colour combination of lime green and orange) and I added two flowers layered on top of each other and I used a brad to secure them to place.I think it's such a fun card and I'm really liking it!

So this is it,like I said the cards are a bit different than my usual style,but that's what scrapbooking is all about,experimenting.Now tell me,which one should I send to Chrysa ;)


  1. First of all, let Chryssa decide on the card!
    Second, your cards are originally... you! Funky, funny and friendly to the eye!
    Bravo, Zusje!

  2. Melenia is so right, they are all so vivid and so you!!!
    Love the birdie! :-)

  3. Wonderfully made!Love the bird and snoopy cards!The forever friend bear is so cute!:)

  4. Γεια σου Zusje!!!
    Μου αρεσαν ολες οι καρτες μα περισσοτερο αυτη με το πουλακι!
    Σου εχω ενα δωρακι,περνα απο το μπλογκ μου να στο δωσω!!

  5. Zusje, congratulations for your blog! I didn't know it untill now.Your cards are great!especially the bear!

  6. Ειρήνη μου πολύ όμορφες καρτούλες!! Μπράβο!!
    Ένα βραβείο σε περιμένει στο blog μου!