Hello everybody.This layout is probably the longest layout in the making I've ever had.I started gathering the papers I wanted to use for this photo,right after I finished the previous layout(and I literally mean right after) and then...I was lost!!!I cut my patterned paper one way,I cut it a different way(always ending up with smaller pieces lol) but nothing...nothing struck me as right,nothing seemed ok.I was becoming more and more frustrated with it(more than once I had the urge to take both the papers and the photo and tear it into little pieces).What made it even worse is the fact that I love this specific photo and when I found it I couldn't wait to play with it!

Then all of a sudden I remembered a map with sketches I had downloaded a while back from Scrapbooksetc.Turned out that was my salvation,since I found the perfect sketch in there!!Look at me,the person who used to shun sketches now can't scrap without them...gotta love the irony!!

Here's my play on sketch #128.My camera isn't very good,so the colours look a bit muted,they are very vibrant(closer to the ones in the last picture).I hope you like it!


Little women

I have been away for far too long.Sometimes life gets in the way of our hobbies and desires,and unfortunately that's the case with me as well.So once again this is a come-back post,I wish I could promise it would be the last and it won't happen again,but I won't lie like that...

Having been away from the blogging scene for so long means I haven't kept up with all of your wonderful blogs,haven't commented much etc.I'm sorry for that,will try and make it up to you from now on!Yesterday I tipped my toe in a bit,to check the water temperature and I've seen some wonderful things!!You all have been very busy and I've seen some beautiful work!

One of the things that caught my eye was the lovely sketch of the very talented Nadia Cannizzo for her challenge blog Once Upon A...Sketch.Such a beautiful sketch,don't you agree??

I finally have some time to scrap again (hence my return to the blog-o-sphere yesterday morning) and I've had these pictures of my mom and her sister lying around for ages.I was in a local toy store the other day and found some beautiful vintage frames there(they also stock a very limited amount of art supplies) and I knew they would be perfect for the photos.Then looking through my paper collection I found a paper in grey shades with that beautiful shocking pink collumn running down and I remembered the sketch I had seen that morning.I started playing along with it,not really sure how or if I would be able to make it all work for the challenge,but loving the sketch none the less so I decided to go with it.This is what I came up with.

The journalling part was a bit challenging as it had to be about the best thing about being a woman(and let me tell you,there are days when I can't think of a single reason why I'm happy to be a woman,lol).But then,while looking at the pictures and thinking about my mom's relationship with my aunts(yes there's a third sister as well,but she wasn't born back then ;)) and mine with my own sister and with my best friend it hit me.The bond that forms between two or more women when it's true,is more than friendship!It can save lives(and it has mine,many times over).The understanding you get,the love,the listening ear,the little white lies told to make us feel better...all come from willing,helpful,loving heart.That to me is the best thing about being a woman(well that and the fact we are so totally superior to men in any way,but that's difficult to find a picture and scrap about,lol).And for that thinking process and realisation behind it,is this page very special to me and warms my heart when I look at it.

I've used a different style than my usual for this one,went more vintage.The roses are made through a cool quilling technique I've seen years ago(and I was dying to sometime use it in a layout...well the time has come).I tried to keep it vintage and a simple,so there's a lot of pink,grey and a bit of blue-grey in there.I hope you like it!